Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - On the midway

Although we are at the halfway point in the 2021 legislative session, the title of this newsletter refers to the other definition of “midway”: an  avenue at a fair, carnival, or amusement park for concessions and amusements.  That pretty much sums up where we are at this point, as discussed further down.

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The bill that turns Good Samaritans into criminals

I mentioned HB88 in my last newsletter (passed in committee, sent to the House floor).

If you ever helped deliver a neighbor’s signed and sealed absentee ballot to your county elections office or a drop box, this bill will make you a criminal if you do it again.

Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - Community Values Edition

This newsletter is a bit late, but it’s taken a while for the legislature to ramp up during this first month of the 2021 session.  Most of January was spent on crafting bills that limit the power of the executive branch, namely Governor Little (more on that further down).  Future newsletters should cover more bills as they move through committees.

My committee assignments are the same: Education, Business and Local Government, along with a new assignment that I requested – JLOC (Joint Legislative Oversight Committee). This is the only equally bi-partisan committee in the legislature (four Republicans, four Democrats).  It oversees OPE (Office of Performance Evaluations).  I wrote about OPE in one of my newsletters last year: “There is (h)OPE.” My newsletters will provide updates on the work OPE is doing.

As always, please contact me anytime for any reason (my contact information is provided at the end of this newsletter).


Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - Special Session edition

  This newsletter covers results from the Special Session of the Idaho State Legislature that took place on August 24-26. 

It’s an honor to be your Representative for District 15 here in West Boise.  Please feel free to contact me anytime for any reason. My contact information can be found at the end of this newsletter.