Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - Special Session edition

  This newsletter covers results from the Special Session of the Idaho State Legislature that took place on August 24-26. 

It’s an honor to be your Representative for District 15 here in West Boise.  Please feel free to contact me anytime for any reason. My contact information can be found at the end of this newsletter.


Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - Constituent Services edition

This newsletter discusses an aspect of being a Representative that I’ve not written about before: being a public servant

Most people understand that the role of a legislator is to write the laws that govern us. However, there’s another part of the job that is rarely discussed – being a resource to constituents. It is why I am your Representative year-round, not just when the legislature is in session. This newsletter provides a glimpse into this other part of the work I do as your State Representative.

As always, please check the end of this letter for ways to contact me – which is how much of the content of this edition of my newsletter was generated to begin with. Please contact me anytime for any reason.


Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - There is (h)OPE Edition

 I made significant progress toward fulfilling one of my key campaign promises, which is discussed in the commentary that follows. This newsletter also includes an overview of selected legislative actions since my last newsletter. The next newsletter will be a final review of the 2020 legislative session.

Due to current public health concerns, the April 29 Town Hall meeting has been CANCELLED. Rep. Jake Ellis and I are sorry to not have this opportunity to meet with constituents in person, but cancelling the event is obviously the right and necessary thing to do during these difficult times. 

Toward the end of this newsletter you will find links to information on the coronavirus, income tax filing, the May 19 primary election and the 2020 census.  As always, the various ways to contact me are provided at the very end of this letter.  Please contact me anytime for any reason.


Rep. Steve Berch Newsletter - Home Stretch Edition

NOTICE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my March 17 Town Hall meeting with Rep. Jake Ellis has been CANCELLED. The final Town Hall scheduled for April 29 is pending. Watch for updates via email and my Facebook page.

The legislature is racing at breakneck speed to plow through a huge backlog of bills. This newsletter highlights some of the action over the last several weeks. 

Due to current health concerns, it is possible that the legislature may end earlier than expected - perhaps even before you read this newsletter - or it may go into recess and reconvene later this summer as circumstances allow. I'll keep you posted of developments in my next newsletter. 

In the meantime, please check the bottom of this newsletter for upcoming District 15 events and the various ways you can contact me.  I look forward to hearing from you!